Forensic psychology is a specialised field of practice in which the psychologist has training and expertise in evaluating the psychological functioning of an individual in relation to the law, including providing opinion about specific legal questions such as capacity to stand trial, risk of reoffending, and legitimacy of a compensation claim. Forensic neuropsychology explores the relationship between brain functioning and behaviours within the specific context of the law.

Dr White has extensive expertise in conducting forensic assessments and providing independent and objective expert reports for forensic matters in various courts and tribunals. She is dually qualified and endorsed in forensic psychology and clinical neuropsychology, and has the ability to combine these skill sets to provide highly specialised, comprehensive expert assessments. Learn more about Dr White.

She provides expert opinion and reports for both civil and criminal jurisdictions and has expert training and experience in conducting MAA, compensation and insurance related matters, TPD claim reports as well as risk assessment, capacity, mitigating factors and sentencing. Dr White is focused on providing high quality expert reports written with accuracy, objectivity, expert knowledge and professional integrity.

Within the field of criminal law, Dr White has experience and expertise in areas including:

  • Fitness to stand trial
  • s32 reports
  • Substantial Impairment
  • Sentencing reports
  • Witness vulnerability
  • Capacity to give evidence
  • Risk assessment
  • Treatment needs and recommendations
  • Malingering

Within the civil context, neuropsychological assessments detail an individuals’ cognitive ability and functioning to assist in establishing the nature and severity of injury, the future impact on a person’s functioning, and rehabilitation goals and needs.

Dr White has experience providing evaluations in the following areas:

  • WorkCover
  • Lifetime Care and Support
  • Return to work or study
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Personal Injury
  • Immigration applications
  • Decision making capacity (e.g. financial management, drafting legal documents such as power of attorney and capacity for accommodation and lifestyle decisions).