NAFS utilises expert training, knowledge and experience to provide objective, reliable and valuable neuropsychological and forensic assessments and reports. Having an understanding of complex client needs, NAFS work to the highest professional and ethical standards, collaborating with relevant parties to achieve best client outcomes. Clinical neuropsychology services include diagnostic assessment, examination of cognitive abilities, decision making capacity, and return to work/study ability. Forensic psychology and forensic neuropsychology services include expert assessments relating to legal issues such as fitness to stand trial, risk assessment, sentencing reports, and medicolegal opinion.

Dr Amanda J White is a dually trained and qualified Forensic Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist with over 10 years’ experience. Dr White’s highly specialised training allows her to combine clinical and forensic expertise to provide comprehensive assessments and expert reports that address clinical and diagnostic questions, as well as forensic issues. Learn more.